Starting Strength Coach

Randy Winfrey

I have been in the fitness business as a trainer for 19 years, and prior to that I was a special agent investigator for the United Sates Air Force Office of Special Investigations. During my time with the military I trained and competed in endurance sports, including marathons and triathlons. After I left the military in 1997, I continued competing in endurance sports and also began a personal training career helping others improve in endurance sports. Even though I believed in strength training (as I understood it at the time) and trained myself and clients with weights, I was always tired, frequently injured and did not realize I was actually weak. By 2011 I had finally given up endurance training for good and started focusing more on weight training. In December 2011 I completed the Starting Strength linear progression and felt better than I ever had before despite being 48 years old. I passed the Starting Strength Seminar in the same month, was awarded the Starting Strength Coach designation in January 2012 and my training business took a completely new direction. Now I am part of the Starting Strength Seminar Staff and train clients in the Houston area to help them realize the benefits of barbell training.


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