Starting Strength Coach

Christian Conti-Vock

After a fair amount of merely messing with weights, Christian heard of Starting Strength in July 2014, and has trained with barbells since then. He occasionally competes in powerlifting meets. He has also practiced Kripalu/Pranakriya yoga, flailed at CrossFit, played Ultimate Frisbee, completed a couple of marathons, and hiked and biked a bunch of roads and trails. Now, he mostly just tries to gain strength and health, and to help other people do so, too. Christian became a Starting Strength Coach in June 2017. Between 2019-01-14 and 2019-03-24, my "" email address was unusable. If you sent email to that address during that time period, then I have not received it, and you probably received a mail-system error. My apologies!


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