Starting Strength Coach

Rori Megan Alter

Dr. Rori Alter is a NY state licensed physical therapist, Active Release Techniques certified practitioner, Starting Strength Certified Coach, and a nationally ranked elite level powerlifter. In 2015 she founded Progressive Rehab & Strength, LLC which integrates remote and in-person sports rehabilitation, nutritional guidance, programming and coaching. Dr. Rori helps bodybuilders and powerlifters around the globe reach optimal health and performance. She seeks to bridge the gap between current physical therapy practice and the world of competitive powerlifing, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. Dr. Rori accomplishes this by combining her understanding of how the human body heals with her unique experiences in the world of lifting for competition and aesthetics. Dr. Rori’s philosophy is to provide and educate her clients with evidence-based rehabilitation techniques specific to their unique injuries and competitive goals, and to return them to training as soon and as safely as possible while reducing the risk of re-injury. Dr. Rori’s interest in perfecting the human body comes from her vast athletic and artistic career. Stemming from a young age, her appreciation of the human body began with the study of visual and performing arts, specifically the art of dance. Since she was a young child, Dr. Rori has taken the stage and performed on multiple levels as a dancer, triathlete, and as a competitive powerlifter for the last four years. Dr. Rori plans to continue her competitive and artistic career as she strives for more and more pounds on the powerlifting platform.


Rori owns and operates Progressive Rehab & Strength providing out patient physical therapy, barbell coaching and personal training out of Siege Athletics in Mineola, NY. This gym is conveniently located a short walk from the Long Island Rail Road. This facility has a has multiple power racks, deadlift platforms, specialty bars, powerlifting accessories, prowlers, turf and much more. All insurances accepted (out of network benefits).

Progressive Rehab & Strength
Based out of Siege Athletics
228E Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501

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