Starting Strength Coach

Ron Ballatore

Ron grew up as a competitive swimmer, made it to the Division 1 level, and swam for the University of Florida. Ron was 6’4 tall and weighed 190 lbs when he finished swimming. He was skinny his entire life and tired of it. Motivated to get bigger and stronger, he began his lifting career using less productive methods you would find in a generic bodybuilding magazine. After a few years of spinning his wheels and making minimal progress, he discovered the Starting Strength methods, and today he weighs 255 pounds and is much better at picking up heavy things.

In 2018 Ron opened Ballatore Training, a gym located in downtown Gainesville where he and other coaches work to improve people‘s quality of life by getting them stronger.


Ballatore Training
101 S Main St Suite B
Gainesville, FL, USA, 32601

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