The Starting Strength Coaches Association (SSCA) is a trade organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the Starting Strength approach to the science, theory, and practice of strength training. Its membership comprises everyone who holds the Starting Strength Coach credential.

Since 2010, Mark Rippetoe and the seminar staff have held Starting Strength Seminars around the country and internationally. At these seminars, coaches are identified who are well-versed in the method, able to communicate it to lifters in real-time and correct any movement problems that arise. These coaches are then given an extensive exam on the theory of strength training and programming. Those who pass both the platform coaching evaluation and the exam are awarding the Starting Strength Coach credential. They are Starting Strength Coaches, as long as they are actively coaching and auditing seminars.

The SSCA exists to facilitate the professional development of Starting Strength Coaches, ensuring that they continue to be the best and most effective strength coaches in the world, as well as to promote original contributions and developments to the general body of knowledge by its coaches.


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  • President: Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy
  • Secretary: Adam Skillin
  • Treasurer: Joe Leppo


    • Rori Alter
    • Jayson Ball
    • John Petrizzo
    • Robert Santana

    Data Registry
    • Mia Inman
    • Brodie Butland
    • Christian Conti-Vock
    • Ness Oszast

    Dispute Resolution
    • Adam Lauritzen
    • David Abdemoulaie
    • Heidi Coffman
    • Brooke Haubenstricker

Annual Conference

The SSCA holds an annual conference open to Starting Strength Coaches and interns to facilitate professional growth and fellowship, and to provide a forum for the presentation of topics useful to the strength coaching community.

Video Library

A video library of presentations at the SSCA Conferences can be found in the Resources section of StartingStrength.com, found here.

Article Library

Starting Strength Coaches regularly contribute content to StartingStrength.com in the Articles and Training Log sections.